Radiation resistance

Plastic materials with radiation resistance properties are supplied by Ryan Plastics. Located in Northamptonshire, England, Ryan Plastics plastic materials and manufactures prototypes and components with radiation resistance properties to the UK, internationally, and locally within the East Midlands and East Anglia regions.

Radiation resistant

Radiation interacts with polymers in two basic ways: chain scission, which results in reduced tensile strength and reduced elongation; and cross linking, which results in increased tensile strength and reduced elongation. Radiation resistance in plastic materials are required to counteract this.

Both reactions occur simultaneously but not in radiation resistant plastics. One, however, is usually predominant, depending upon the polymer and additives involved. Chain scission has been shown to affect stressed polymers (containing residual molding stress) in non radiation resistance plastic materials more than other polymers. The combined effect of solvent-induced stress, residual molding stress, and applied load act to intensify radiation damage in non radiation resistance materials. This may account for the wide differences in radiation tolerance reported.

Radiation resistance in plastics

Generally, plastic polymers that contain aromatic ring structures (e.g. polystyrene) are radiation resistant, whereas the aliphatic polymers exhibit varying degrees of radiation resistance depending upon their levels of unsaturation and substitution.

The manufacturer’s attention should focus on the possible effect of radiation resistance on mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elastic modulus, impact strength and elongation. Each may influence the plastics performance and, therefore, should be evaluated by functional testing. Some effects of radiation resistance , such as reduced elongation due to chain scission, may detract from the device’s performance. In other cases, the effects of radiation resistance can be beneficial. For example, crosslinking of polyethylene and silicones increases their tensile strength.

If you require any more information about radiation resistant plastics that we supply contact us on 01604 811395. Our address is 78 High Street, Earls Barton, Northamptonshire, England, UK, NN6 0JG.

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